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Dreams Uprooted is a feature documentary that exposes the untold story of brave women and children in America who battle the unjust restrictions of dependent visas as they embark on a journey to prevent their dreams form being uprooted. 

Dreams Uprooted is one of 11 CAAM supported documentaries in 2020 




June is National Immigrant Heritage Month!

How will you join in the celebration of Immigrant women on

Dependent Spouse (H-4) Visas?

Dreams Uprooted is focused on promoting a more diverse understanding of Immigrants on H-4 (dependent spouse) visas and giving a voice to their unique stories. 

So often in today's media landscape, immigrants are boxed into categories and their individual contributions and struggles are not portrayed with the dignity they deserve. 

The unique struggles of spouses who accompany their husbands to America and are robbed of their basic human rights remain invisible in mainstream American Media.


Every person's Immigration struggle is different and everyone's story needs to be told.

Thousands of women on the H-4 visa and H-4 EAD are overcoming their struggles to create value in their homes and communities across America. During this 30 day Digital campaign, we will showcase stories of these women who are making a difference.


Diversifying the representation of Immigrants in the media will help lead to wider acceptance. By showing the incredible strength and beauty of these women have shown through their struggles, Dreams Uprooted promotes hope and inspiration to go after your dreams! 


Join us in our mission to give HOPE to spouses on the H-4 so they can continue to have #dreamsunlimited!

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2. Send us your stories!

Send us your photos and stories to be featured in our #DreamsUnlimited campaign during the month of June!

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3. Join us for our #DreamsUnlimited Special Panel in August !

A special panel with eminent speakers designed especially for spouse on the H-4 visa.

Watch this space for more details!


Contribute, to the making of the film. It's tax deductible. 

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We are in early production and looking for more stories of women who are continuing to pursue their dreams despite all challenges.

This project is directed and produced by Meghna Damani, herself a previous H-4 wife, who has been empowering and mobilizing he H-4 immigrant community for over a decade with outreach via her autobiographical film Hearts Suspended 


Please send any questions you have to Meghna at:

News on H4 EAD

The revoking of H4EAD will have serious consequences for these women will go back to a life without a future. “The families of H-1 and H-4 holders will be hit financially as many have purchased homes trying to build a life for themselves. The impact on their domestic life and children is often overlooked with the focus on their economic and financial situation, but it is a very important aspect as being isolated and unemployed has life-long adverse effects on mental health, causing disharmony that impacts not only the family here but also the family back in India,” says Damani.


Lavina Melwani

Doctors, teachers and entrepreneurs on H-4 visas fear losing their businesses and jobs

 CNN Money

Parija Kavilanz  

Housewife Visas and Highly Skilled Immigrant Families in the U.S.



Pallavi Banerjee on October 23, 2018

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